For Artists

Without artists, there are no galleries, museums, exhibitions or arts jobs. We work hard for artists so that they may have the opportunities to create, exhibit and contribute in the cultural landscape unencumbered and to be noticed by gallerists, curators, collectors and museums.

We represent artists in the following way:

  • Grant Writing
  • Sourcing exhibitions
  • Facilitating and project management
  • Public Relations
  • Professional photography and filming

Artist’s estates

We manage artists’ estate which includes sorting information, archives, works of art and managing donations to galleries, museums, state and national libraries.

Image Credits

  1. Artist Bailer, South Melbourne Market Commission. Photo by p1xels.
  2. Christopher Pyett: symphony in colour, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tasmania.
  3. Windhover (2001) by Lenton Parr in Sandringham, Melbourne/Australia. Photo by Richard Hagen. CC BY-SA 2.0