Citipower commission - artists Michael Porter and Bailer, photo by p1xels

Wall Art (Graffiti/street art)

Projects are commissioned to:

  • provide opportunities for artists to create art for art sake
  • discourage illegal tagging
  • bring community together
  • create place makers
  • work with youth through graffitti art programs
  • add aesthetic, social and economic value to community

Cultural Matters ensures that we engage artists whose paintings are of highest quality and respected by the local graffiti community and the wider public. We believe that the careful selection of artists will ensure the best possible outcome for both the artist, the commissioning body and community.

Cultural Matters

  • Understands the graffiti/street art world
  • Has a large network of artists working within this capacity
  • Encourages commissioning bodies to look outside the box and consider graffiti art as an art-form that is respected by graffiti artists
  • Works closely with the commissioning body, community and relevant stake holders such as building owners and tenants to achieve the best outcome


What we can do for you

  • Selection of artists
  • Develop graffiti/street art strategic plans for local government, utility service providers etc. to assist in the planning for a graffiti/street art program and its implementation
  • Grant writing for organisations that require external funding for a graffiti/street art project
  • Management of artists and project
  • Work with youth on graffiti/street art projects through mentoring, workshops and painting
  • Curate graffiti/street art festivals, exhibitions and projects
  • Professional photography and filming


Image Credits

  1. Artists Bailer (detail) commissioned for the Maribyrnong City Council StreetWorks program.