For Developers

The current trend for Councils is to implement per cent for art requirements for all new developments as well as building upgrades. This means that Developers are required to fulfil this requirement before occupancy.

However you don’t need Councils to tell you to include public art as part of your development. There are so many benefits for developers to become excited about public art. On an economic value, we know that a beautiful building with art attracts sales. Not only does developer public art enhance the appeal to a building but it also adds to civic pride; it brings people together, it celebrates history, creates conversations; develops a sense of identity, assists local economies; increases tourism and supports the creative industries.  Your building can become a landmark and even win design awards.

Understanding Council processes and requirements to deliver a positive public art outcome can be daunting and quite onerous. This is where we come in. Georgia has managed Developer Public Art programs within Councils for over a decade, guiding developers on process and signing off on over 200 public art projects worth over $10m.

Cultural Matters can deliver a public art project from start to finish, eliminating the need to directly deal  with Council planners and public art managers for sign offs.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Develop an urban art strategy in line with permit conditions
  • Project Management
  • Develop Artists Briefs and Expression of Interest Processes
  • Engage Artists
  • Develop Concept designs
  • Manage fabrication of artwork
  • Manage installation of artwork
  • Prepare all required documentation
  • Provide professional photography and filming

Melbourne’s Lonsdale Precinct is a civic and commercial hub with a rich and eclectic history Its 11,000 workers and users are influencing a robust Placemaking overlay, creative arts strategy and architectural masterplan.

To achieve success, ISPT engaged Georgia to connect with her profound knowledge of art and public space curation. Her project management expertise, passion for the promotion of locally loved creatives, stakeholder facilitation skills, warmth of character, brevity and curatorial nous are driving the creation of place that will capture the essence of Melbourne.

This project defines a new property paradigm and augments how people connect to each other through beauty. Georgia’s role will help us create a legacy for the city, and we our delighted to have her in our team.

Craig Ingrey

Placemaker, CBRE

Image Credits

  1. ISPT Super Property, Casseldon Place, Melbourne. Courtesy ISPT.
  2. Orion International Group, Summus Development. Photo by p1xels.
  3. ISPT Super Property, 50 Londsdale Street, Melbourne. Courtesy ISPT.