Galleries, Heritage, Local Museums, Government

Our goal is to ensure all museums, galleries, local government and heritage organisations can tell their stories in a meaningful and relevant way for their communities and to be valued and recognised as significant organisations.

We offer:


  • Scoping reports (museum/facilities/program/project
  • Strategic plans
  • Collection management policies
  • Interpretation plans
  • Exhibition strategic plans
  • Public Art strategies
  • Storage reports
  • Heritage Plans
  • Conservation Policies
  • Commissioning policies
  • Fundraising and sponsorship plans
  • Exhibition policies

Curatorial and Exhibition Management

  • Concept development
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Static exhibitions
  • Managing travelling exhibitions
  • Grant writing
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Professional photography

Image Credits

  1. Library at the Dock, Exhibition Space. Photo courtesy City of Melbourne.
  2. Mackay Regional Council, Public Art Strategy.
  3. Land: Craig Barrett, Exhibition, McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Gallery.